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Story of a Penny

Story of a Penny

Dick gave to me an old Indian penny, the likes of which he presents to people who make a strong impression on him. (Was it my motorcycle or the way that Guillermo and I burst into his home that made such an impression?) Regardless, I was moved and honored.

The last person Dick gave a penny to was to a ranking soldier who was sitting among a group of young soldiers in a local restuarant. They were preparing to ship out for their second tour in Iraq.

Dick, who used to work for the establishment, has become increasingly disenchanted with it. He could not fathom, that a group of young men would have to endure two tours of duty in our senseless invasion in Iraq.

When Dick presented a penny to the soldier, the soldier appeared baffled. He slowly reached into his pocket and produced his own Indian penny, which he carries for luck. He kept Dick's penny, asked for his address, and promised correspondence from the troops in Iraq.
We hope for their safe return home.