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August 26, 2005


John Dicus

Hey you two, we are enjoying your notes, and appreciate the kind things you say about us.
We really enjoyed meeting you, and look forward to seeing you again. Keep up the good work in the 'eat local' food department. When first I saw the website, I knew it sounded like a good thing, and was happy to sign up with you folks. We anticipate that we will be with your group for a long time, and will see your ride become an annual event with it's own baggage train and several riders who don't have to haul their luggage, and can relax on their 'scoots' with the van carrying their belongings.
Do come back again, and relax some time in the shade of these trees, and listen to the evening breeze soughing though the high chapparell.

Dick Rogers

are we going to see more Bike2Barn?

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